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Operating system


Intel & Nokia


  • Visual Tool kit
  • Screen designs
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand assets
  • Visualisations
  • Documentation
  • Websites
  • Prototypes


Design, UX, Branding, Copywriting, Motion graphics

Project Meego involved the creation and implementation of an open-source Operating system for net books, Tablets and handheld devices.


My role included an exhaustive audit and critique, creation and development of style guides, design and implementation of screen designs, functional assets, animations, and iconography. Liaising with multiple international offices, briefing designers, IA’s, and tech teams, and producing detailed documentation.


Whilst at Intel I also lead a long-term project to define the next generation of mobile UI's. Working in conjunction with Nokia, we explored a variety of solutions to the many problems that currently exist within mobile UI design.