Shai Bowman

I am a senior creative who has been actively involved in the creative industry in London for nearly 25 years, and now currently reside in Malta. The majority of that time has been spent working with both traditional media and new technology. In that time I have gained a wealth of varied experience and knowledge, from film production, to Advertising, Digital MarComms and UI and Application design, in a broad range of sectors including retail, entertainment, automotive, financial, and TelCos.

Though I've predominantly focused on web-based brand solutions, this experience has covered a variety of technologies from print to new media to film and television. I have developed strong client facing skills, and I have managed teams and projects of varying sizes and types.

Wherever I have worked in a senior position I have sought to encourage those around me, regardless of experience and ability. In this respect my ability to manage and inspire individuals has been extremely beneficial to both others and myself.

This ability to interact successfully and to inspire trust has also reflected in my relationships with clients. My fundamental belief is that we are always dealing with People, in the workplace or otherwise.

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